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The Black Problem

The blacks are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the joos have their back.

We will not live in fear of naggers, nor will we be governed by joos.


There are essential PDFs on both aspects of the problem at:
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i hate niggers
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It's ready.
8channel is back!
We have board creation and uhhh 8 files per post and uhhhh 100 mb file uploads and uhhhh.
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We're back! After a large DDOS attack herdchannel has returned, with more preventative measures taken to ensure similar events do not take place in the future.
We have board creation, 8 file per post uploads, a lack or unjust rulecuckery, full Tor support and more.
Also we have buffalo paizuri and fun.
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here i am
waiting for your mail system,
ɐ, my friend, consider finishing it
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new year

take care brothers,
the worst may be coming int the futur but together we will stand strong
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Return on the cycle

Le recyclage des déchets reprend !!
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new enemy encounter

prepare for battle
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Les Jacobins

les Jacobins
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__ _
/ _` |
| (_| |
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